Alejandra Margarita Designs, also known as Make ^ Art is a company inspired and created with makeup. All designs are created purely of makeup (mostly liquid eyeliner) on paper. My name is Alejandra, I'm the daughter of two amazing artists that owned their own art school in Portland Oregon. My parents taught me everything I know about art and taught me how to express my creativity. My dad recently passed away this passed year and he's one of the reasons why I'm pursuing my dreams. He always taught me to have no fear and encouraged me to run with my talent and never look back, for I was not going that direction. So here I am getting ready to start running. I've been doing art since I was a little girl, however it wasn't till a few years ago that I found my perfect medium, makeup. This came to me from pure laziness. One day I was lying in bed and feeling extremely inspired but too lazy to gather all my painting materials, so I grabbed my makeup bag and sketch book from my night stand and started painting with makeup. I went to college for fashion design and accessory design which is a result of why my designs ended up on apparel. I pretty much just combined my two favorite things, art and fashion. Welcome to my world!